Dr. Savannah Paige Murray

Writer | Assistant Professor | Environmental Rhetorics and Ecocriticism


In addition to arguing for a more ethical, equitable, and inclusive form of environmentalism in my research, I also emphasize social justice and anti-racism in my teaching.

As a writing teacher, I bring to knowledge in rhetorical theory, critical and feminist pedagogies, and writing studies to the classroom, as well as years of industry experience as an editor, designer, and technical writer to help my students critically examine the intersections of writing, technology, and social justice. For example, in my Business Writing courses, students explore the rhetorical dimensions of a number of controversies, from Equifax’s data security breaches, to Apple Face ID’s inability to recognize people of color, all with the intent of better understanding how ethos, or credibility, is leveraged in contemporary business settings and how students can prepare themselves as ethical writers and communicators in their future careers and daily lives as citizens and consumers.

Similarly, in my Technical Writing for Computer Science courses, students explore the roots and societal effects of algorithmic bias, focusing on readings like Virginia Eubanks’ Automating Inequality and the acclaimed documentary film Coded Bias. Students then transform their understanding into a recommendation report which both summarizes the causes and effects of algorithmic inequalities and suggests possible solutions to this societal ill. 

As a result of these sorts of projects, students consistently report that they have arrived at a new understanding of how their writing can help advance social justice and anti-racism. 

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