Dr. Savannah Paige Murray

Writer | Assistant Professor | Environmental Rhetorics and Ecocriticism


I am an accomplished editor currently accepting new projects.

I began my work as an editor at Appalachian Journal, the oldest peer-reviewed publication focused on interdisciplinary research about the Appalachian Mountains. While at Appalachian Journal, I served as both an editorial assistant and assistant editor, helping edit book reviews, interviews, and research articles. I also corresponded with writers regularly and contributed to the journal's marketing campaigns, and designed covers and layouts for many issues.

I also bring my industry knowledge to the classroom, most recently in an upper-level undergraduate Editing course where students completed hands-on projects for real world editing clients. 

I am open to contract work for short-term editing projects. I am happy to share more information about my hourly rate and availability. Please use the Contact page on this site to get in touch with me. 

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